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Pay Per Level

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$100K Challenge | Pay Per Level

  • Includes Play of the Day/Week/Month*
  • Includes All Sports* (NHL, NBA, NFL, MLB, NCAAB, NCAAF, UFC)
  • Includes Parlays/Teasers*
  • Includes Unit Grade Scales on each Play
  • Perfect For the $1K to $100K Challenge

This package is specifically tailored to the $100K Challenge. Pay $49.99 for every time the bankroll rises to the next thousand. There will be a total of 100 levels in the challenge. Pay Per Level is perfect to start small while building up your bankroll!

Your purchase does not have a recurring membership charge. Please purchase one prior to the end of your subscription to continue getting plays without any interruptions. 

* There's always a top play on the card daily. Play of the Week & Play of the Month will take the place of the Play of the Day if there is one on that given day.
Picks are posted 1 hour or more from the first game on the card. All plays will be posted on our “VIP Access” page throughout the day! Usually there will be a post on our Social Media with any updates on the card.